LIM - Less is more

LIM - Less is more est un programme européen de développement de projets à budget limité, ouvert à des auteurs de la relève de tous horizons, y compris la Suisse. Après une première édition fructueuse, le programme lance son deuxième appel à projets, avec un délai d’inscription fixé au 30 octobre.

What if lowering the cost of films triggered greater creativity? More in-depth filmmaking? Without systematically placing a burden of cost-reduction on filmmakers and production teams? What if the aim was to build cost-constraints into the screenwriting stage and to make such constraints offer writers and directors greater stimulation? In the past few years, a growing proportion of the most creative and interesting feature films in international independent cinema have been produced within the framework of severely limited budgets.

The aim of LIM is to help writers and writer/directors integrate cost constraints into script development. LIM does not define limited budgets in accounting terms, as such conditions vary from country to country, according to economic context. The LIM approach is a resolutely conceptual.

LIM offers a new generation of filmmakers, already known either for their short films or first feature films, the opportunity of designing their own route into limited budget feature film production. The scheme is open to 1st, 2nd and 3rd feature film projects, as well as to artists coming from theatre, documentary and visual arts. Four emerging European producers / story editors wanting to strengthen their ability to develop projects within a low to micro budget frame will integrate the process.

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